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"The Response" in High Schools and Colleges

"The Response" is playing a growing role in civics and social studies education at the high school and college level -- including a special package for educators, participation in major public events for educators, and a review in a leading journal for educators.

Street Law Educator's Package for "The Response"

Street Law, Inc. — a national and international leader in teaching about law, democracy, and human rights — has created an educational package helps move students from a general understanding of the Combatant Status Review Tribunals to a specific discussion of the issues, ideas, and societal values at stake.

The package includes a DVD of the film and access to educational materials for high school, college, and law school classrooms. Order the Street Law Educator's Package for "The Response" here.

Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago Introduces "The Response" to Educators

The Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago provided a screening and panel discussion for educators at its October, 2010, 2011 Illinois Law-Related Education Conference in Oak Park, IL.

CRFC's annual conference features dynamic workshops with nationally recognized presenters on legal and political issues, interactive teaching methods, and innovative materials for the classroom.

Law Day 2011 in Nevada features "The Response"

"The Response" was the centerpiece of Nevada's 2011 observance of Law Day, sponsored by the American Bar Association. Students from around the state participated in a web-conferenced event that combine a screening of "The Response" with a discussion of the issues associated with the theme The Legacy of John Adams: From Boston to Guantanamo.

Writer/producer/actor Sig Libowitz fielded questions from students via web hookup for the Nevada event.

Students around the country participated in other events related to the theme The Legacy of John Adams: From Boston to Guantanamo as part of the Law Day 2011.

"The Response" Reviewed in Social Education

"The Response" received a strong and positive review in the May/June, 2011, edition of Social Education, the journal of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS). The review called the film "compelling" and " a remarkable teaching tool," which "tee(d) up an engaged and spirited classroom discussion."

In the review, Greg Snoad, social studies chair of a high school in South Carolina, describes using "The Response" with his 10th grade Global Studies II class to "teach difficult legal concepts and spark important moral and ethical discussions about the ages-old debate of security vs. rights." Snoad writes, "I have led a form of this debate for years. I was struck, however, at how passionate students were about their positions. More importantly, they were able to fully explain their opinions, often citing specific lines from the movie to support their position."

The review provides an excellent, detailed guide to how one teacher has successfully used "The Response" in an actual classroom. Snoad says "The Response" is "a Hollywood-quality film" that got his students "engaged and excited to talk about what they learned." Snoad concludes, "They did significant critical thinking, and listened to and debated opposing sets of beliefs. I have no doubt that the concepts and the dilemma presented in the rights vs. security debate will be among the lessons my students will take with them long after they have left my classroom. Given the primacy that this debate has in our ongoing national and international security conversation, I am confident that my students will be able to participate in that conversation as well informed and thoughtful citizens."

Read the full review of "The Response" in the May/June, 2011, edition of Social Education.